Dilemma Solved!

I love the Philippines so I've never seriously considered moving to another country, say the US. However if there is one thing - one thing - that could convince me otherwise it would have to be all that gorgeous makeup they have over there! There's collection after collection from cheap to high-end brands. Not to mention the stuff are relatively more affordable than when they come here to the Philippines...if they get to the Philippines!

A lot of the best makeup brands in the US don't operate here, unfortunately. There's Urban Decay, Benefit, Sephora, Too Faced, Lorac, Korres, Ecotools, the list goes on. One of my dilemmas as a makeup enthusiast is getting my grubby hands on makeup that isn't available in the Philippines.

Enter stores like the House of Flair. The gracious owner, Suyen, was nice enough to contact me and ask me to try her shipping service. Basically, I picked something out of Sephora, filled up her order form, and poof! In three weeks the package was at my doorstep. My transaction with Suyen was fast and hassle-free.

Benefit's best sellers: Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation faker, That Gal Primer, Posietint, and Highbeam

Pretty eh? This is only $10 in Sephora! It's a sample set so everything is in sample sizes, which explains the price. These things are quite small, but pack enough product good for a few weeks of use. I have always wanted to try Benefit and getting this sample set is such a great way to do it.

Highbeam is a gorgeous pearly highlighter, Posietint a pretty pink lip and cheek stain, That Gal is a brightening primer, and Some Kind-a Gorgeous is a lot like tinted moisturizer (for lack of a better description). I hope to review these soon.

This is available in the House of Flair's on-hand items album for P715. That price includes the sales tax, US shipping and handling, US to Philippines shipping and handling, and the service charge. Not bad, if you ask me!Check out other nice deals here. The newest items are are at the bottom part of the page! I recommend theStila Good to Glow and Stila A Couple of Crushes sets. You'll be getting two full-sized items in the set. How cool is that? Way cool.