Clinique Superfit Makeup

Foundation that feels and looks like second skin - myth or fact? Fact, when it comes to the Clinique Superfit Makeup! I really, really like this liquid foundation but I got one that is too white for me so I haven't used it a lot. In those times I have, I can say that this is one foundation worth the rave.

P1750 at Clinique counters in Rustan's

Why this is great:

  • Feels light on the skin and looks like second skin. It's like you don't have anything on!
  • Stays on all day without caking. Clinique was serious when they said it's long-wear. It's the kind of foundation that allows the sweat and oil to go through, instead of messing it up. Gross I know, but I'm sure you understand what I mean!
  • Even if it's liquid foundation, it doesn't make me extra oily. Sure I get oily by mid-day, but that goes the same even if I use powder foundation. The Superfit Makeup is specifically formulated for dry combination to oily skin. It's oil-free.
  • A little goes a long way. The texture is kind of watery (instead of creamy) so I don't suggest using it with a sponge as it will just be absorbed. Use your fingers, or better yet, a stippling or foundation brush.
  • Medium to heavy coverage. I'm all for coverage.
  • It's Clinique! I didn't break out. It's 100% fragrance free and dermatologist tested.

Hygienic and ensures that you don't take out too much product. Be careful when you press the plastic bottle as the product is quite watery and might gush out.

More pictures of the product and me wearing it after the jump.

Me wearing it with no concealer whatsoever. See what I mean about second skin? Also what I mean about "too white". Heh.

Why this is not-so-great:

It's a pretty awesome foundation for its price. All the best foundations are in the P1500+ price range so if you're looking for something that can give you the illusion of perfect skin, comfort, and long-wear then the Superfit is something worth trying.