In the pink

Yesterday I was hit by the classic OMG I Don't Know What To Wear Syndrome. I was terribly late, but I managed to spend more than an hour staring at my closet and trying on several outfits. It's a nightmare. When I finally got out of the limbo, I belatedly realized that my outfit was...meh.

It's okay but it's not something I would normally wear to a luxury hotel. Oh well. I was there for less than an hour anyway and the press people (a.k.a everyone else) was just in jeans and shirts. So I still managed to be overdressed, of sorts, haha.

Liberte jersey shirt/ Zara ruffled skirt/ SM costume jewelry and hat/ SM Parisian heels

As they say, all is well that ends well. I need some new fashion inspiration to help me out of my current conundrum.