Vampire Nails

I’m wearing blood red nails now. Loving it! I used to beg off on wearing nail polish because I thought they were well, pretty useless in the face of the universe. But now I’ve got several valid reasons to wear them everyday.

  • I’m wearing retainers. I have this bad habit of biting my nails whenever I’m stressed or bored. Biting my nails chips my teeth and moves them out of alignment.
  • I bite too much that I wound myself. This is really yucky, but I bite the skin around the nails sometimes. Very painful.

So now you can see how wearing nail polish is a genius solution. I hate the taste of nail polish, and more than that: I hate knowing that my nail polish isn’t perfect. 

Stubby nails! I tried growing them but I found it hard to type

I got this bottle for only P30. Surprisingly enough, for a dirt cheap nail polish, this is the best I’ve tried! The texture is thick and rather creamy. It applied evenly and there were no bubbles when it dried. Best of all, it dried fast! I’m going to hoard on these. I found them at the Rob Galleria grocery area. Of all places.


I don’t know, I can’t stand light-colored nail polish. I feel too frivolous. How about you, what’s your preference for nail colors?