Absolute Necessities: Anti-frizz serum and cosmetic wedges

Lately, I’ve been using a sponge to apply my concealer. I discovered that the makeup adheres better and lasts longer, with a more natural finish compared to using fingertips or brushes. Hence, I decided to get a whole pack of cosmetic wedges. If you’re looking for cheap, quality ones free from allergy-inducing latex, check out Victoria Vogue sponges in Beauty Bar. It’s only P150 for 32 pieces. Awesome right?

Another necessity for me is the Bench Fix Frizz Away serum. I blogged about it waaay back in March 2008 but my sentiments are still the same: this is an awesome product! I don’t know how many bottles I’ve bought already! For an insane price of P109 my hair is shiny and smooth without the greasy heavy feeling that usually comes with products like this. It’s definitely a steal.


Hey Bench, you better pay me for this! I would appreciate a cash advance. Haha. But no seriously, these two products are worth checking out, if you haven’t yet. Essentials should be cheap since they need to be replaced every week or month, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality. Okay? Okay.