Project Vanity Contest: Clinique Facial Wash and Toner Giveaway!

This is my firstest ever contest! I’m giving away a brand new tube of Clinique Foaming Facial Cleanser Mousse and a bottle of their Clarifying Moisture Lotion 2 (it’s a toner for dry skin). These aren’t samples. They’re in travel sizes so they will last you more than a month even with daily use.


So what do you have to do to win these? Well, it’s simple. Just tell me two things:

Why do you love Project Vanity?

What do you want to see more of in Project Vanity?

I dislike contests where winners are randomly picked. If you want to win this, give as much effort as possible to your answer. You can leave a comment, post the answer in your blog, take a photo or video or audio - whatever. Anything goes! Just make sure that you tell me where your answer is in this post. The deadline is October 11, 12 midnight. I will announce the winner next day. Good luck!