Review: Dollface Cosmetics Gel Liner

I prefer gel eyeliners over the pencil, liquid, and powdered ones. These little buggers give you the freedom the use a brush that you’re most comfortable with while giving solid pigmentation. They might be difficult to use at first but once you get the hang of application it will only take a few seconds to get a perfect line. Trust me on this!

Anyway, I got a Dollface Cosmetics Gel Liner in brown from Pearl. What can i say? Shall I say it’s awesome?

I’ll be honest with you guys - I seriously wasn’t expecting much from this eyeliner. I have a MAC Fluidline so I was already convinced from the get-go that no other gel eyeliner can ever match it. Good thing I was wrong! MAC Fluidlines are highly pigmented, fluid (as the name suggests), easily glides on, doesn’t budge or smudge and they cost a whopping P1,100 (before the MAC price increase, I don’t know how much they cost now) for a tiny jar. I’m happy to have discovered an awesome alternative.


Dollface gel liners cost only P375 and I swear, they’re a great dupe of MAC Fluidlines. Let me tell you why:

  • Solid, opaque brown color.
  • Doesn’t smudge or budge.
  • Very fluid! If you’ve checked out the other gel eyeliners within this one’s price range (Fanny Serrano, The Face Shop, Elianto) you’ll find that they’re as hard as wax and almost impossible to work with. Dollface liners have the same consistency as MAC Fluidline.
  • Easy to remove with makeup remover.

Aaand that’s it. There’s not much to dislike unless you hate spending extra time and effort to apply gel liners like this. As for me, I use this eyeliner when I want my makeup to look as natural as possible since black can be so harsh for day. Definitely a keeper.