Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who joined ( Sorbetera and Jasmin) and sortof joined (hehe Tita Mara) my Clinique giveaway! I’m really touched by your answers to my two questions. It might sound that I’m just fishing for compliments, hence this contest, but the main goal was to find out who my readers are and what they like about this blog so I can continue improving it. I really love what I do so I want to be the best in this - career, I guess you can call it.


So without further ado, the winner is…Bianca! Her entry is in video form (I’ll embed it here later) so there’s no argument that she put the most effort into her answer. She has also been a keen follower of this blog for several months now. I think she deserves my little prize. :)


Bianca, please email me your full name and shipping address at lizlanuzo at yahoo dot com dot ph.