Review: Dollface Cosmetics 32-Color Lip Palette

I’m stingy with lip products because well, I’m not a lipstick or lip gloss person. I usually wear lipstick or gloss once a day (before I leave for work) and the rest of the day I’m just slathering lip balm like there’s no tomorrow. I only retouch if it’s absolutely necessary like when I have to be in a meeting with the boss or if I’m going to a party. 


Aaanyway, ever since I read this post by Jamie last August I’ve been lemming for my own 32-color lip palette! Isn’t it so nice and convenient to have all the wearable lip colors you can think of in one place? This saves me a lot of time rummaging through my lip stuff in the morning especially when I’m running late. Good thing my favoritest ever online store owner, Pearl, heard my prayers! She’s now selling the Dollface 32-color lip palette at the DollFace Cosmetics store. So why do I love this palette? Let me count the ways.

  • Very pigmented. It doesn’t show up well on skin swatches, but check out the lip swatches later on in the post. Amazing right?
  • Wearable colors for day and night.There are peaches, pinks, and warmer colors for everyone. I especially love the reds! They’re shocking! Shocking is nice, in my book, when you’re talking about red lipstick. I also like the milky pinks. They’re not runny - they show on my lips very well.
  • Different finishes. There’s frost, matte, and glossy.
  • Long-lasting. Doesn’t fade easily. I prime my lips with lip balm them finish off with a clear gloss.
  • Decent-sized pan. One pan is as big as a 1 peso coin. The whole palette is as big as the 28-color neutral palette.
  • Cheap at only P650! It’s a bargain since you get 32 colors in a stylish palette.

 First two top rows

 Next two rows. Click after the jump to see a couple of lip swatches and my final verdict.

 Fifth column, fourth row

Fourth column, fourth row

What I don’t like about this palette:

  • Slight waxy taste.
  • The lighter colors need more than one swipe to show up on my lips. Can’t blame them, I have pigmented lips.

And that’s it. There’s not much to dislike about this. It’s great value for your hard-earned money since it can match any look you can think of. Also, a little goes a long way so don’t overdo the application. I suggest you buy this if you like playing around with makeup and would like to experiment with a lot of looks to see which is best for you.

Will I buy this again? Definitely! I’m totally in love. BeforeI go, here are closeups of the pans.


PS Is it obvious that I love taking product photos? Lol.