I’m In UNO Magazine This Month!


It’s not what you think though, haha. Jayvee Fernandez wrote a cool feature on bloggers for the October issue of UNO with Ornusa Cadness on the cover. I haven’t finished reading this yet but so far I’m really impressed by how classy and suave this magazine is. It’s not just flesh flesh flesh - this magazine is for the man who doesn’t think with his dick. The creative direction and the photography is also stunning. Good job team UNO!

 My first time to buy a men’s magazine! This one is huge-ass, people.

Yay! We’re on page 94. Ive hung out with some of the bloggers featured here before - Noelle, Jen, Bim, Fritz, Rico, and Sasha - and you know what makes them stand out? What makes them successful? They love what they do. Also, in a natural, instinctive way, they know what they’re doing. 

Librarian hot, lol. Si Jayvee talaga! Anyway, the Ukay Manila Store will be featured on Smart Parenting’s December issue so watch out for that as well.