Liz’s Wishes Came True! Sort of.

Last July, I posted three products which I really wanted to add to my makeup collection. I’ve been lemming for them for so long but I got busy and promptly moved them to the back of my mind. It was only today when I realized that I actually - subconsciously - made my makeup wishlist come true!

The things I got were not the exact ones I wanted and they were unplanned purchases (in the sense that I got them because of random occurences like people coming home from abroad or a seller messaging me) but I believe they’re better than the items I originally wanted. 

Here they are! I wanted this - Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box:

I got this: Urban Decay Book of Shadows II



 I wanted this one - Smashbox Muse Artist Palette

I got this! Smashbox Eye Wish Palette


And I liked this - Smashbox Rapture Lip Gloss Set

 But instead got this:  Dollface 32-color lip palette

So yeah, I’m a happy makeup camper. I’ve got everything I need and want. How about you? Did you get your makeup wishes this year? If not, now is the best time. Start working on your winkwink nudgenudging so you can get your friends, family, and lover/s to get you a gift you actually like!