Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Foundation Review

Good foundation offers good coverage and oil control. It should be buildable while allowing the finish to be natural. In this sense, there are so many good foundations out there that can easily make the grade for a very nice price. However, some people (like me) are not looking for just a good foundation, but the best foundation there is (for their skin and personal preference that is).

What then makes a foundation “the best”? Aside from fulfilling the basic requirements of a “good” foundation, the “best” foundation has to pass these requirements with flying colors. It has to be exceptional in coverage and oil control and should be non-transferable. The thing that really distinguishes a really good foundation though is the finish - your face should look radiant, healthy, even, and flawless.

I am a huge fan of the Shiseido Supplist but I’ve recently unearthed a tight competitor: the Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Foundation. It’s one of Clinique’s newest foundations which I believe is worth investing in.

I don’t have the case so you’d have to settle looking at the refill!

What I LOVE about this:

  • Buildable coverage. It doesn’t look too powdery even with three layers on.
  • Non-transferable, meaning it doesn’t move to your hands or clothing if you touch it.
  • The powder is silky and creamy.
  • Love the sponge! It’s non-latex and quite dense. It comes with the refill.
  • Has SPF 29/PA++ You can’t beat sun protection.
  • Long-lasting. It holds up really well even if you still go out at night - you’d have to touch up by then though.
  • Doesn’t cake or fade. It feels light on my skin too.
  • For skin types 1 to 3 - dry to oily, in Clinique’ vocabulary.
  • The thing I love most about this: the finish is amazing! Clinique is spot-on in promising “perfectly real”. The finish makes my skin look smooth and flawless. 

Don’t mind the hair and eyebags! I have no concealer on here so you can see the full effect. As you can see, Cream Beige is too light on me.

 What I don’t like about this foundation:

  • You know I’m a cheapskate but I still keep on getting expensive products. This one however takes the cake - it’s P1850 for the refill and P800 for the compact. Major gulp! Still, I’d say that this is a better investment than a MAC Studio Fix, for instance.
  • There are nine shades for fairest to dark medium skin. I think there’s only one or two for dark, morena skin.

This product is perfect in every way except for two things: the price and the fact that I got the wrong shade, yet again. Nonetheless, if you’ve got the dough, this foundation should be on top of your must-try makeup list. It is expensive, but this is one foundation I believe is worth investing on.