Ukay Manila Sale, September Sneak Peak, and a PS

Whooo sale! Check out the Ukay Manila Bargain Bin to see if there’a anything you like. There’s bound to be something. I suggest get this, this and this - they look really awesome in person and you can wear them in a lot of ways. So, go go go!


Oh by the way, here’s a tiny sneak peak for tomorrow’s new arrivals:


September means that it’s a little colder and a little wetter so I picked three basic jackets you can take with you anywhere, be it a casual or dressy event. Of course there are the usual pretty dresses, a skirt, and a top. Watch out for them!


PS I know I’ve been blogging quite a lot about Ukay Manila lately. As you know, I’m very enthusiastic about this project with Lauren so I want to do the best I can to get it out there. However I know that this blog should retain its original er, reason for existence. Haha. I still want it to be about affordable makeup and skincare, fashion stuff I come across, and the outfits that I wear. It’s just that everything has been so hectic lately - did you know I handle about three sideline jobs at the moment, aside from my desk job? I don’t have a lot of time to shop aside from the ukay runs for the store. Aaanyway, it’s all fruitful and fun so it’s still cool. Hold on for some makeup reviews in the following days (mostly foundations actually). Till next!