Polka Dots!

Two weeks ago, my special other, Marco, celebrated his birthday at Linden Suites in Ortigas. It was a fun party with lots of booze (which I didn’t drink because I don’t drink), lots of smokes (which I unfortunately inhaled second-hand because I don’t smoke), lots of talk, good food by Anne and lots of cool people. Marco brought his Xbox 360 and everybody had a blast playing Street Fighter and Fight NIght while I comfortably settled down to Devil May Cry 4.  

Here’s what I got on:

 Black and white polka dot dress from Tomato, jacket from Betty, shoes from Primadonna

This is my favorite picture, taken by Luis. I like how Marco looks so peaceful, like he feels he’s right where he wants to be - with me. 

Check out Luis’s Flickr, he’s got a ton of really good photos.