Ukay Ukay Question

Hi Liz! I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now. I dunno if you’ve come across this article on recommended Ukay Stores  since I really find your Ukay knowledge impressive I thought I’d ask if you could help me find my way to these stores? Although the general addresses were included there weren’t much information on how to get there.. Hope you can help. Also, if you have other good Ukay places you could share I’d be really grateful. Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Jean,

Thanks for always visiting my blog. I read the article and the shops she mentioned indeed sound interesting! However I’m afraid I can’t help you with the ukay ukays located further up north, in San Juan, Caloocan, etc. since I’m not familiar with the area. Here are the shops mentioned in the article that I know how to go to:



Quezon Theater Bldg. Gen Roxas cor. Araneta Center, Soccoro Cubao, Quezon City

Ahhh, this is probably one of the most popular ukay ukay stores in Manila! I haven’t personally gone here yet, but here’s detailed directions:

I discovered Fashion Delight Apparel when I was wandering aimlessly around Cubao a couple of months ago. Located in the Araneta Center area, beside the weird Christian church next to National Bookstore Gateway and across Eurotel, Fashion Delight is one of my favorite ukay-ukay places of all time.  Here’s the link.

Uky (a series of stalls)
Beside the POEA building in front of Robinson’s Galleria along EDSA

I love this place! Seriously. I went shopping here recently and it does have a lot of interesting finds. Here’s my blog post about it. It’s easy to get there: ride an MRT to Ortigas station, then walk north towards Robinson’s Galleria. You’ll see a foot bridge in front of EDSA shrine; walk over it if you’re coming in from the Robinson’s Galleria side. When you go down walk a little along EDSA (southwards) and you’ll eventually see the stalls. You can also ride a bus, of course.

Some of my other favorite ukay places are in Padre Faura and Pedro Gil (for P. Faura, go down at the UN Avenue LRT station). Walk along the street and you’ll find the ukay ukay shops. I love it there because the clothes are dirt cheap on sale, like P30-50 each, clothes, skirts, and dresses—I’ve found my favorite Max Azria dress there for only P50. Another must-visit is Anonas. Here’s a post I wrote about it.


Whew. If anyone knows how to go to the the other ukay stores mentioned in the article, please leave a message in the comments section. If you know some ukay ukay gems not mentioned here, now is a great time to spill it! Haha. Share the ukay love, you guys.


Hope this helps Jean!