Casino Royale at Resort’s World

The event was super fun. We got to dress up in semi-formal wear, eat some yummy food, and of course, try our luck in the casino. I got to hang out with Jen (who won Queen of the Night!), Jayvee (who looked debonair in his pinstripe suit), Boss (rushed to the hotel after work wearing jeans, teehee), Rico (who had a smashing debut dealing cards in a baccarat game, lol), and Fritz (who won first place in the baccarat finals!). Whew.


Fritz, Jonas, Jen, Me, Jayvee, Janette



The night was indeed quite eventful and we topped it off with a super late night dinner at Alley Gator. I got home 2:30 am and just fell on the bed like a zombie. I definitely enjoyed my experience at Resort’s World, what with all the lovely ambiance and very hospitable staff. Thanks so much to Rizal Alagar, Jonas Diego and their team for organizing this cool event. Until next!


Tulip skirt from Retazzo, wedges from People R People, black spaghetti top from tiangge, scarf and necklace from SM department store 

   All pictures from Jen! Thank yous!