How To Fix A Broken Eyeshadow Palette

Have you ever broken an eyeshadow palette before? If you have, then you know the sickening, sinking feeling after you hear the unexpected "thud". You pick the palette up, fearing the worst but still hoping against hope that everything's alright. You open it. You see the delicate powder broken up into tiny pieces. Oh no!

Do this with me: sigh. It's not over yet though! Palettes like this can be easily fixed as long as you manage to keep most of the pieces together. When this fell face-down, I turned it over quickly but carefully so as not to destroy the natural arrangement of the powder. This is what it looks like right after I opened it.

Now, let's start this tutorial with the materials you would need:

  • A flat, clean surface to do the work in. Use a thick, extra-large hand towel since this is a messy job
  • Brushes and tweezers to pick up chunks of powder or sweep away loose ones
  • Rubbing alcohol to "bind" the powder together
  • Cotton buds and wet tissues to clean up the palette

Step 1: Place the broken powders back to where they were. Sweep out the loose powders to the side of the palette - you won't need them anymore.

Step 2: Using your fingers, press the broken powder back to the pan. It will crumble and look flat again. Put a few drops of alcohol to set everything. You may want to press them down with a makeshift "stamp" - a coin covered in tissue. Do this if you want the powder to look extra flat and even, but I found that using my fingers yielded satisfactory results.

Step 4: Clean up the sides of the palette by using cotton buds soaked in alcohol. Use wet wipes to clean up the whole palette.

Ta-dah! Don't forget to let the whole thing dry before using it. The palette is far from looking as good as new, but I'm just happy that it's functional again. Yay me!

Have you ever broken an eyeshadow palette before? What did you do?