Drugstore Beauty

You know those times when you go visit the beauty area of a department store, telling yourself you just want to check out something but end up leaving with a bunch of unplanned purchases? You keep on thinking, everything's so cheap! You pick up an item, then another item...before you know it, the cashier tells you that everything costs more than P1,000. Self-control fail.

L-R: Nail polish remover, clear, nude, and black nail polishes, Bench Fix Anti-Frizz, V05 Mousse, Pond's White Beauty moisturizer, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Nichido colored eyeliners in blue and purple, Maybelline lipsticks from the Watershine and Colorsensational lines

I just wanted to get a tube of lipstick, but then felt bad for the Maybelline sales lady so I got another one. Then I saw how creamy and cheap the Nichido eyeliners were, so I just had to get two! Then I saw hair nail and face stuff - oh my.

Anyway, I don't regret buying them since these are pretty much basics (except for the eyeliners). I'm excited to review the Nichido pencils as well as the Maybelline lipsticks. Will keep you posted!