Why you can’t rush beautiful skin according to Yassi Pressman and Silka

Silka is one of the longest running and most successful local skincare brands in the country - in fact, they just celebrated their 15th anniversary last year! Though their popular formulations are already well-loved, their constant improvements to their products continue to win us over. Their lotions are a big hit with my fellow PV girls, and good contenders in the sunscreen battle. Meanwhile, their best-selling soaps also have a fan in their newest celebrity endorser, Yassi Pressman. 

We got to meet and greet Yassi at their recent #YasSilka event where she shared her journey as an actress as well as the secrets to her beautiful, glowing skin.

A career as an actress is not an easy road to take, and the adage "Great things come to those who wait" has never been more true. Yassi has been working hard to reach her current spot as a TV drama leading lady in the well-loved primetime soap Ang Probinsyano opposite Coco Martin. Despite the long working hours and getting barely enough sleep or rest, the nature of her work means Yassi needs to constantly look her best and this is where the Silka Papaya Soap comes in to save the day. Instead of an instant solution, Yassi says that Silka is part of her everyday regimen to take care of her skin.

Yassi shared a couple of her #NagmadaliNagkamali moments from before she knew better. She tried a crash diet that led to a slim figure for three days before quickly regaining all the lost weight. She also admitted to having used harsh skincare products that caused rashes and made her breakout.

Instead of looking for a quick fix, Yassi recommends going slowly but surely and safely when it comes to maintaining our natural beauty. Her beauty secrets include drinking lots of water, balancing out sweets with fruits, and making the choice to stay happy. And of course, she regularly uses Silka’s moisturizing soaps and lotions. 

Silka has the Skin Whitening line with Shea Butter for dry skin. These come in the orange packaging while the purple packaging is for the Premium line with Avocado Oil. This line promises to help repair and revitalize the skin so if you have extra dehydrated skin, then this variant is for you.

Have you had a #NagmadaliNagkamali beauty moment like Yassi? What did you learn from that experience, and what do you now do to achieve your beauty goals in the right way?