New at the drugstore: Watsons has more collagen lines to address skin issues

Thanks to the rising popularity of beauty drinks and supplements, you've probably heard of the important role that collagen plays in keeping our skin looking young, soft, and smooth. Honestly, I thought that was all I needed to know about collagen but I recently discovered that there's more to it! At the Watsons Collagen event, I got the opportunity to learn more about what it is and how it works, in the most fun way possible!


The first activity booth introduced collagen as one of the basic building blocks for our skin. It's naturally produced by our bodies but its production decreases as we age. It also decreases when we are stressed, because our bodies tend to overproduce the cortisol hormone in order to keep up. That's scientific proof that stressing out makes you look less than pretty!


In the second activity, we were challenged to find all 126 words that can be derived from COLLAGEN. Yes, that's a lot of words! The activity reinforced the notion that collagen is more than just about beauty. As the largest organ, our skin needs collagen to keep us healthy and protected from stressors in the environment. Collagen also keeps our limbs nimble and our joints from aching. As a protein, collagen is even linked to maintaining muscle mass and density (so we stay strong) and preventing hair loss.

The third activity simulated what skin feels like with and without collagen - and it was honestly quite frightening! Some of the items felt rough and scaly, while others were soft and saggy (this was a particularly scary combo). It reminded me of how my great-grandmother's skin felt like - fragile, papery, and with lots of loose skin. It really felt very vulnerable and prone to injury.


Finally, all guests were asked to place a white ball into one of these boxes, which were labeled with three different skin problems: wrinkles, dryness, and dark spots. I placed a vote for dryness because I feel like it's the root cause for wrinkles and spots. As it turned out, all those problems could be solved by adding collagen products to your routine.

Thanks to a unique Tri-Collagen Complex, the Watsons collagen line is formulated using three different types of collagen molecules. These molecules are also sized differently so some function by permeating deep in your skin layers and promoting cellular regeneration while others basically create a smoother canvas of your skin. I didn't even know that there are different types of collagen so I feel like Watsons did well to have all my skin's needs covered.

I've seen the Nourishing line in Watsons before, and I know bloggers have raved about the Nourishing & Firming sheet masks! This is good for combating dryness, roughness, and skin dullness, which I am all prone to because of my age and skin type. I've also heard good things about the CC Cream, and the Peeling Gel is reminiscent of the PV team's favorite gommage exfoliant.

Admittedly, the first thing I noticed about the White Regeneration line is how cute and girly it looks! The shades of bright pink mixing with lavender is just so pretty and projects the same kind of brightness that the products promise to give your skin. These are formulated with the Penta-Lucent System, which is described as a whitening solution. It's a great option for people with uneven skin tones and dark spots as it inhibits melanin formation. I'm pretty fair-skinned (NC20) but I'm excited to try this because my complexion is prone to looking ashy and gray. It even has its own CC cream variant and sheet mask!


The combination of royal blue and gold for the Skin Renew line made my jaw drop. I would definitely show these off on my vanity! The sophisticated, luxurious look goes well with its promise of anti-aging benefits - the collagen contained here is specifically for repairing and restoring skin cells to a firmer, more youthful condition. The Essence Water looks very intriguing while including an Eye Treatment is a must in any anti-aging regimen.

It doesn't seem like the Hydro Balance line is available yet but it's the fourth and final addition to the Collagen by Watsons variants. This is supposed to be best for girls with oily skin because many of them are actually experiencing skin dehydration. It has a Smart Water Channel feature that's supposed to lock in moisture onto the skin, so it stays soft, smooth, and matte.

I'm currently trying out some of the collagen products so watch out for reviews! Got more questions about collagen? You can use the Watsons Collagen chatbot to get beauty tips, skin facts, and of course, updates on the latest deals and promos.

Speaking of promotions, if you're excited to try these for yourself and are an SM Advantage cardholder, you can get select Watsons by Collagen products at 40% off! The offer is valid at any Watsons store until November 22, and considering the affordable prices of these products, picking stuff up from the sale is practically a steal.

Do you incorporate collagen into your skin care? Have you tried these collagen products from Watsons? Which of these collagen lines would you want to try?

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