Under P500 moisturizers you need to try now

Moisturizer is only one of several products you use for multi-step skincare, so it makes sense to get one that's both affordable and effective. A good quality moisturizer should be able to fulfill your skin’s hydration needs, and complement other skin concerns you may have, such as whitening or anti-aging. To help you stick to your budget and maximize the effects of this crucial part of your care regimen, we picked out four locally available brands that we love and have great online reviews as well!

Nivea Crème (P69). This classic moisturizer can be used for your face as well as rough and dry areas like knees, elbows, and hands. Especially recommended for dry skin types, the price listed is for the smallest 30ml tin that's easy to tote around so you can reapply as needed. Bigger sizes at 60ml and 150ml tins are also available.

The brand also has two moisturizing face creams with SPF that are below P500: Moisturizing Immediate Collagen Protect Face Cream SPF50 (P370) and Whitening Immediate Collagen Protect Face Cream SPF50 (P426).


Pond’s Flawless White Dewy Rose Whitening Soft Cream (P179). Another brand well-known for its moisturizers, this product targets whitening dark spots, correcting dullness, and tightening pores. It's not a heavy formula but if you want something lighter, they also have a Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel (P149). The cream version is more suited for normal to dry skin, while the light gel type is advisable for combination to oily skin. Both have 10g jars that make for pretty additions to your vanity while adding a rosy glow to your complexion.




Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing + Fairness Cream SPF 15 (P399). With all the benefits in this moisturizing cream (seven in all!), we can understand the price point for a 20g bottle with a pump. Nonetheless it's a worthwhile and still affordable investment for those concerned with showing signs of aging. We know a lot  of women who swear by it!





Avon Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Cream (P499 on sale price). The Avon Complete Renewal Creams have a regular price of P999 for 30g but on sale, it can go as low as P499 which fits our P500 limit. The line is recommended for more mature women as it addresses wrinkles and firmness of the skin. The Complete Renewal Cream comes in two moisturizer types: one for the day with SPF (Day Cream SPG 25 UVA/UVB) and one for the night (Night Cream).

Did your favorite moisturizer make the list? What are your go-to under P500 moisturizers?