Tutorial: Korean-style makeup with my fave K-Beauty products

If you've snatched a glance at the Project Vanity Channel on YouTube lately, you may notice a few videos have cropped up. They're not quite the same as the ones I did before; this time, I decided to just chill out and do my makeup while chatting up a storm. It makes for a much longer video, but at this point, I just want to hone my YouTube skills. I think it's better to use this platform to show off a few products I've already reviewed and at the same time try new ones!

Anyway, I've been promising you guys a tutorial on how I do my Korean-style makeup, so here it is! I used mainly K-Beauty here but there are a few that I don't have in my stash so I used substitutes. I hope you enjoy watching and please, I'd love to know what you think I should show, try, or teach next. I'll try my best!

How's your weekend so far? I had a busy day yesterday since I joined a bazaar, but today I just want to relax. Probably play tennis in the afternoon then just veg out at home. Maybe sushi for dinner? Ahhh. Genki Sushi in Bonifacio Stopover is my fave place because it's cheap lol. Haru in Kapitolyo is also lovely. ^_^