Editor's Picks: My top five powder highlighters

It's a gloomy day today and I am in the middle of packing for a trip. There are so many last minute things to do! I thought I'd take a break though by talking about some of my favorite highlighters at the moment - these are the ones that never fail to brighten my skin and my day. Here are my top five!


Becca x Chrissy Teigen Palette (P2,615 at Sephora PH). This is my HG face palette right now! Aside from the gorgeous coral pink blush and matte bronzer, it has two highlighters that make skin look as fresh or as blinding as I like. Rose Gold and Beach Nectar are excellent year-round shades that complement Pinay skin perfectly. They stay on so well too, and can be layered as needed.

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Modern Mercury Highlighter (P3,100 at Estee Lauder counters; limited edition). This highlighter has a bronzy, slightly peachy tone that instantly warms up my cheeks. It gives me that post-workout glow due to its fine, fine shine! Currently it's out of of stock, but EL is bringing it back again this fall (if I remember correctly) so hopefully it makes its way to our shores again.

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Afternoon Glow (P2,650 in Bobbi Brown counters). The surface of this highlighter is gorgeous, but the dainty rose gold shade itself is to die for. I love using this as a quick lid color and even as an overall illuminator due to its subtle pigmentation. Its buildable, but I do love that dewy rose gold look!

bobbi brown afternoon glow.jpg

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter (P379 in Watsons and SM Beauty stores). Who said highlighters need to be expensive to look and feel expensive? The Pure Nude made waves all over the Internet when it came out last year because of its skin-like, glowy finish. Like the high-end brands I mentioned above, it has a fine texture that blends and builds well on skin. This is truly one of the best drugstore steals out there!

essence pure nude.jpg

Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color in Sin City (P299 in Watsons and SM Beauty Stores). This is NARS Albatross's intentional doppelgänger. Yes, it looks white in the pan, but it actually comes out on skin as a white gold highlighter. The pigmentation is amazing and so is the fine finish - you won't see any big sparkly bits here. Love this stuff.

What's giving you life in the highlighting department right now?