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Snaps the fashion blogger

Hi, I'm Snaps. Today I'm going to show you some of Liz's new shoes. She was taking pictures of them a while ago, but I thought it's preposterous that she's not taking pictures of me, so I sat beside the shoes and did her the honor of having me as a model. 

You like? The first pair is from Ferretti. Liz bought them on her way to a meeting because she was wearing crummy flats. She told me that she loved the electric purple-blue color but it was really the lightness of the wooden heel that won her heart.

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The connection between Skechers and Imelda Marcos

If you are about my age then you know that Skechers was The Cool Thing To Wear when we were in elementary. I used to dream about owning those platform rubber shoes back then! Remember the heeled rubber shoes? Those were at the top of my list too. But I was just a student then and my mom didn't believe in high rubber shoes, so I could only dream.

Seriously, I had an obsession with Skechers when I was a kid. That's why when the brand asked me to visit a store and to pick my own shoes, I immediately said yes. I normally don't write about sporty brands like this but I thought I'd make an exception for something that was an inspiration during my childhood.

And so, here I have a virtual tour of the big Skechers store in Market Market, The Fort! Read after the jump to see the brand's latest selections and of course, what I took home with me.

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It is incredibly hot today, the kind of heat that burns like laser on skin. I know because I've been running around the metro since this morning. First, Mercato Centrale for breakfast (those Tea.ology drinks are the bees knees). Then we went all the way to Fairview to pick up something. Then we went to Greenhills, where I bought a couple of cute accessories while Marco had his battery replaced.

All in all a nice Sunday. I'm thankful for my SPF 100 lotion. And Ferretti espadrilles, they are perfect for weather like this.

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Ferretti espadrilles

So, remember those Ferretti clogs that I was yapping about last Saturday? I visited the store yesterday to get them - I was dead set - but then practicality kicked in. I just got a pair of oxford heels (which I haven't even gotten to wear yet!) and I already have a pair of clogs. They're a bit redundant for my shoe collection, so I decided to buy something I don't have yet - espadrilles.

They're perfect for summer and utterly comfortable on my feet. They're versatile enough to be worn with most outfits, but they're not that plain. I ask you this: why wear flip flops when you can wear espadrilles? ;)

I bought it for only P899. I have been abusing my old Ferretti wedges since I got them last October, so I can vouch for their comfort and quality.

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