Snaps the fashion blogger

Hi, I'm Snaps. Today I'm going to show you some of Liz's new shoes. She was taking pictures of them a while ago, but I thought it's preposterous that she's not taking pictures of me, so I sat beside the shoes and did her the honor of having me as a model. 

You like? The first pair is from Ferretti. Liz bought them on her way to a meeting because she was wearing crummy flats. She told me that she loved the electric purple-blue color but it was really the lightness of the wooden heel that won her heart.

She's looking forward to wearing these wedges with her more formal shift dresses and trousers.


And now, for the fun shoes! Glitters on a grown woman can look tacky, but the block neutral heel helped tone down the sparkliness. These wedges from Pill (found in The Ramp) are HIGH but the heel elevation is manageable at two inches only. I love it. It would go well with edgier looks.

Because real fashion bloggers don't look at cameras

Sparkle for me, baby!

That's all. Bye.