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Stressed? Here’s an affordable self-care routine to keep you sane this season

The holiday season can feel more stressful than cheery because of mounting work deadlines, planning a family reunion, or dealing with the crazy December traffic. Feeling anxious when the streets are filled with colorful lights and upbeat carols does not make you a grinch - it simply means you need a break! Just as swiping on a some lipstick or spritzing some perfume can boost your mood, a little self-care can go a long way to making you feel good and maybe even excited about the upcoming celebrations. And yes, it's totally possible to treat yo'self without using up the budget you saved for gifting. Here's an affordable self-care routine that has you covered from head to toe!

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How to look fab even when you don't feel like it

Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to take care of yourself? Whether it's for school projects, work deadlines, or just managing your personal life, there are days when it feels like you barely have the time to breathe. In my case, it usually means about 4 hours of sleep, late and unhealthy meals, and a complete neglect of my skincare routine. As a result, I pretty much look as awful as I feel!

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Stress, shift dresses, (formerly) ridiculous rompers

Today is one of those days when everything moves at a terrible speed. However I'm happy that I'm on top of things and have been able to accomplish all my tasks! I even got to step out for an Artdeco lunch - I couldn't possibly miss it as Artdeco is one of the few brands I've been using since college. There's a new collection out (called Butterfly Dream) and I quite like it.

I'm on Instagram! When I'm in the mood I go crazy documenting things

Anyway! I want to talk about stress (and a few outfits but that's gonna come in later somehow haha). My method isn't that complicated but it works because I know it's 100% true. Are you ready? I just think that everything will be over soon. They usually are.

Tory Burch bag / Zara heels / Tiangge dress / Casio watch

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How to look fresh and stress-free this season

Christmas and New Year are two of the most stressful holidays of the year. It’s even worse because they’re just a week apart! We need to buy gifts and food for the festivities, squeezing between throngs of people to get things done. Then we have to attend parties with a healthy dose of crazy traffic in between - and by crazy I mean spending hours on the road when it used to take only minutes. 

It’s no surprise that our skin looks dull, puffy, and dark around the eyes. That’s because of the stress and over-eating. You may have also probably observed some dryness around the mouth, nose, and eyebrows too, which is usually caused by the cooler December weather. 

So, given all that, how do we look fresh during the holidays? Short of going on a long beach vacation, that is. I’ve got tips!

Adjust your skincare routine. Retire your heavy duty anti-oil, mattifying products in favor of gentler, creamier ones that do not strip your skin of moisture. When my skin is feeling dry, I like using the Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash and the Clinique Derma White moisturizer. I also use serum more regularly. More affordable gentle alternatives can be found from Cetaphil, Myra, and Neutrogena.

Exfoliate. Once skin is peeling, there’s nothing you can do to revive it. Just slough it off! Use a holey sea sponge with your facial wash for a natural exfoliation routine (Beauty Bar has those). You can also try using microfiber cloth with warm water; it works wonders! I like the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt but I am sure that normal microfiber will do.

If you must use a product, try the newly-released White Result Exfoliating Gel (available from Tupperware sellers). It does the job but it’s probably the gentlest of them all.

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