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Five ways to get the most out of your dermatologist visit

Thanks to the popularity of the 10-step Korean skincare routine, we are definitely learning to pay more and more attention to our body’s biggest organ and how to properly care for it. Many a beauty girl can reel off the various actives, acids, and -ides to look for to solve problems such as dark spots, fine lines, dry skin, and more. But while DIY-ing one’s personal skincare has never been easier, nothing quite beats medical advice, especially for more serious concerns such as milia, allergies, or premature signs of skin aging. In a sense, it’s like comparing WebMD to a visit with the doctor: the former may be useful for minor or short-term issues, but when facing major crises or long-term maintenance, you’re better off going in for that physical checkup.

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Cheap finds: Purederm Nose Pore Strips

I abhor blackheads. They grow steadily and are so hard to remove! Argh! Good thing my blackheads aren't that obvious because I have fine pores, but still, I know they're there and I feel the discomfort.

FYI: blackheads are a type of acne and is caused by oxidized sebum or oil. This substance hardens and darkens during the process of oxidation, hence the tiny bumpy thingies all over and around our nose. Gross, I know. Facials are the best way to get rid of them since the hot vapors soften up the sebum while the pricking removes them physically, but who has the time to go to facials? They are also heavy on the pocket when done regularly (although I would still recommend them if you have an acne problem).

The next best thing to facials is using pore strips. They are basically strong adhesives that latch on to the offending bumps and peel them off neatly, saving you from manually popping and pulling them out by yourself. Now, one product I've recently tried and loved is the Purederm Nose Pore Strip.

What I love about the product

  • Cheap at only P79.00, available in Watsons personal care stores. There are three individually foil-wrapped strips in one pack. The P139.00 box has six strips inside.
  • Easy to apply and remove. Effortless, really. Although you need to set aside 15 minutes of your day for it.
  • Took out at least 90% of my blackheads. Yay! The adhesive was pretty strong. It stung just a bit when I peeled it off (like duct tape) but nothing uncomfortable.
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