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The Promod End of Season sale is ON!

Yesterday I came from a meeting in U.N. Avenue. That place is horrible! I spent two hours getting there, stuck in Osmena Highway traffic then in a minor flood in Paco. After the meeting, the avenue looked like a parking lot, so I had to walk to the LRT station (in the rain, at that) so I can get to Buendia in one piece. I haven't ridden that train in more than two years! Taft is a nightmare when it rains, and I know this because I spent four years of university there.

Okay, after writing that paragraph, I realized that I sound like a total prick. I'm usually not. But I hate commuting to somewhere unless I can get to it by cab in under 40 minutes. Yeah, me and everyone else.


ANYWAY! At least I managed to get to the Promod End of Season sale in Greenbelt 5 after that grueling experience! It officially starts today but the kind folks at Promod invited some bloggers and their top costumers to get first dibs on the merchandise last night. Needless to say, there was a palpable shopping frenzy in the air as everyone grabbed their favorite Promod pieces at 40-50% off.

There were a lot of great items going for P1,600 below. Staples like jeans and shorts were on sale (their jeans are awesome), as well as accent pieces and tops that are bound to liven up your wardrobe. Notables are the leather jackets that will certainly be useful in the upcoming rainy days, as well as the cute skirts and airy printed dresses that will be nice additions to your current outfit selections.

I SERIOUSLY NEED TO GO BACK FOR THIS SKIRT. PLEASE STILL BE AVAILABLE IN MY SIZE WHEN I RETURN. KTHNX. I'm hitting myself in the head for not getting this pronto, but I was hesitating because there wasn't a sale tag (even though it's in the sale rack)

Creamy white skirt with tan belt. Classic and will give you an instantly fresh look.

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