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Store Tour: The new Scribe wants to make you more creative & productive

There are a few stops that I must visit with every trip to the mall. First, my usual beauty haunts – Beauty Bar, Rustan’s The Beauty Source, and SM Beauty. Second, whichever food place tickles my fancy because you need the energy to walk around and window shop. And third, Scribe Writing Essentials, which is now known as simply as Scribe.

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Sunpiology Planner

I don't use planners, but I can see a lot of ladies (and gentlemen) loving this planner by Sunlife, in cooperation with actor Piolo Pascual, called Sunpiology. This stands out because it's a planner that encourages you to help save the environment as well as accomplish your goals every month. There's none of that pretentious crap that planners seem to promote these days (e.g "this planner will change someone's life"? O rly?)

It also features Piolo's photos from all over the world. It's all about nature, to show us what we'll lose if we aren't more careful of our environment.

More photos of the planner inside!

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