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Get mega cute eyes with K-Palette

Times are long past when girls literally used tape to create double eyelids. These days, we have flexible and almost invisible glues to create bigger eyes and that deep crease! K-Palette Philippines recently launched one of the brand's best-selling products in Japan: the Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Tape and Glue (both P695 at Beauty Bar).

What's the difference between the Orange (tape type) and Pink (glue type)? The Orange tape is applied all over the lid to create a deeper-looking lid. It has some shimmer to it and can even be used as an eyeshadow primer as long as you're wearing it. The tape can even be worn by double-lidded girls who just want more definition on their eyes.

The Pink glue is for creating a more enhanced crease. It's meant to be applied right where the crease meets the lids, in one thin line. You get a white plastic wand to hold your skin in place while the glue is drying. Aside from faking that crease, the Pink glue can also be used as false lash glue.

Orange tape vs Pink glue

Both types are completely transparent when dry. They are also waterproof - for real! They didn't budge from my hand for almost two days until I peeled them off! They also truly glued the lids together when I tried them.

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Rapid fire reader questions

When I started Ask Liz! I just wanted a centralized, public place to store all my answers to your questions. Now, 275 questions later, I find that it has evolved into a sort of micro-community for beauty enthusiasts. I love that you guys are interacting with each other and answering other questions that I can't help with. How awesome is that? Cheers to everyone who posts! :D

Here are my answers to some recent questions.

Hi Ms Liz! I've been an avid reader of your blog for quite some time now (even choosing to read it before I hit the books getting ready for the medical boards!) hahaha! Anyway I'd like to ask for your advice on something I've always been frustrated about, my puffy eyelids. My upper lids don't have the crease you talk about on your tutorials where the top of the eyeball meets the socket. It's not droopy naman, I still have the crease where you put your eyeliner. So my question is, How do I create deep set eyes even with this dilemma? Hope you can post a tutorial! Lotsalove! - Crys

Heeey Cris! Thanks for reading my blog! I hope I won't be the cause of you failing the board exam, hehehehe. Anyway I have a tutorial on creating a crease already (c/o Dionne) - How to Create Double Eyelids with Makeup


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How to Create Double Eyelids with Makeup

Hi everyone! Please welcome Dionne Co, our guest blogger for the day. She blogs at Hello Beauty, so please do visit her and say hello! She's a true-blue makeup addict if I ever saw one. You'll love her tips, I'm sure.

Back in my high school, almost 99% of the students were Chinese. A lot of my classmates complained about not having double eyelids (we used to call it “ting sun” or “fold”) so you’d see some teenage girls walking around with scotch tape on their lids! It was pretty funny to look at but wishing for double lids was, is, and always will be a common occurrence among Oriental girls.


Although I don’t really have anything against surgery, it’s still pretty painful, expensive and risky. Not everyone’s willing to go under the knife. Today, I’m going to show you how to create that double lid effect with something inexpensive, safe and accessible – makeup!

The trick here is depth and dimension.


Read the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to create a double eyelid look after the jump! 

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