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Guerlain Meteorites Perles in Teint Dore 03

Good skin is easy. Yes, it is. All you need is lots of sleep, lots of water, and a skincare routine you can bet your life on. Beautiful skin, on the other hand, takes a little more effort. It's skin that glows from within, skin that looks smooth and flawless as if it was just born yesterday. That's where makeup comes in.

If there is one product I would recommend to enhance the skin you already have, it will be the Guerlain Meteorites Perles. I've been hearing about this legendary powder ever since I was a wee makeup newbie - they say it's so good, you'll forget the price tag when you see it on your face. It's true!

Precious pearls

The Guerlain Meteorites powder in Teint Dore, upon swatching, doesn't look like it could do much. It's quite translucent so it's difficult to see the effect. But don't be fooled, it's actually "pigmented" in its own way.

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