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Lip Ice Sheer Color

A week ago, a commenter named Audrephepburnfan left a question on my Ask Away! forum. Actually, it was more than a question - she left a review of one of her favorite products, the Lip Ice Sheer Color balm (P145). A few days later, someone from Lip Ice sent me a package containing their whole line. Coincidence? Looks like it!

Oh, but what a happy coincidence.

Two variants: strawberry and fragrance-free

This product is awesome! It's definitely worth all the raves. :D And to think this is only P145 (2 grams) and easily available in SM Department Stores and Watsons. What I like most about it is how gorgeous the color is. It has a nice glossy finish and comes off as a pretty pink, emphasizing the natural pigmentation of your lips.

So, for a change, here's Audreyhepburn fan's review of Lip Ice Sheer Color!

I'm currently using this product called LipIce Sheer Color. It is a clear balm which turns your lips pink depending on your moisture level. I have read reviews about it before I purchased myself one.

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