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Marriott Manila and overnight makeup bag

So yesterday one of the maintenance personnel in our condo knocked on the door and said that the power will be out from 11pm to 6am. As we had things to finish, Marco and I thought to stay in a hotel overnight. After calling up at least four hotels, we decided to settle on Marriott Manila since it's the nearest one (albeit not as affordable as I might like).

from the Marriott Manila website

I guess we just wanted to relax and break the routine for even just one day. Anyway, for those who are looking for a place to stay (especially Balikbayans, it's just right in front of NAIA 3) Mariott is a good choice. I wouldn't say the best since I expected a bigger room and at least a free breakfast because the rate is not cheap, but I am very happy with the service. I also loved the gorgeous pool area, which I sadly forgot to take a picture of before my 7am swim.

Food from the restaurant is just so-so for the price. We ordered spaghetti bolognese and kare-kare, which tasted rather bland. I think it cost P1,700 for the dinner, including drinks.

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