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Adios to dry skin: Jergens Overnight Repair and Ultra Healing Moisturizers

Five years ago I wouldn't have looked twice at healing and repairing skincare products. I mean, what was there to repair when you're a girl of 19? Maybe I'm just ultra-sensitive because I work in the beauty and fashion industry, but I have noticed that my skin is becoming drier over the years. It's not as elastic and fresh as it used to be. Again, the difference may be unnoticeable to most, but since I write about beauty products day in and day out I am hyper observant of my hide. 

Anyway, my main skin problem is dryness on my hands and legs. My hands, particularly, are starting to feel crackly because I wash them so much (I have an active dog)! Thus I use a heavy moisturizer a few times every week to make sure that my hands are soft and smooth (my legs too). I love the Vitacreme B12 Body Milk but it's horribly expensive. I'm happy to announce a way cheaper alternative!

I received these Jergens Overnight Repair and Ultra Healing Moisturizers (P99/ 100ml and P342/650ml pump) a month ago and I find that they do exactly what they promise. These are heavy-duty, thick moisturizers that are designed to heal skin and restore it to suppleness.

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