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Tiis ganda no more: These new contact lenses promise everyday comfort

“Tiis ganda” may be a common experience but it doesn't always ring true. Beauty can go hand-in-hand with comfort, and style can fit well with practicality. For eyeglass wearers, there are many chic design options available and you can even tailor your makeup to work with your specs. But there are occasions when that great pair of prescription glasses just aren’t convenient to use, like when attending special events or doing sports. That’s when contact lenses come to the rescue!

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How to do your makeup if you wear glasses - the K-Beauty way!

When I was growing up, wearing eyeglasses was painfully un-cool. You got teased for them and were generally considered ‘ugly’ for wearing a pair. A lot has changed since then, with fashionistas now using a pair of specs as a cute accessory for their outfit. With the right frames, you can even use glasses to balance out your face shape!

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