How to choose the right eyeglasses for your face shape

Finding the right pair of glasses is as important as shaping your brows in a way that flatters the rest of your face. Both act as “frames” for your features, so they have the ability to make or break your look! Even the sharpest cat eye in the world won’t slay if hidden behind glasses that add extra chubbiness to your cheeks. So how does one begin to pick out the right frames?

Start by studying the shape of your face. As with haircuts and contouring, your eyeglasses have to suit your features, not the other way around. There are five basic face shapes but it is possible to have similarities to more than just one shape. If that's the case for you, follow the recommendation for the shape that's the most prominent.

Puerta Del Sol, P6990

Puerta Del Sol, P6990

Graph Belle, P4490

Graph Belle, P4490

Round Face

Choose glasses with wide, angular frames to help provide a more defined bone structure. Go for neutral colored frames like black or gold if you want your frames to pair nicely with any outfit you may have on. If details are your thing, go for strong ones that contrast nicely with your softer face shape.

Graph Belle, P4990 from Owndays

Graph Belle, P4990 from Owndays

John Dillinger, P4490  from Owndays

John Dillinger, P4490 from Owndays

Oval Face

This face shape allows you to wear practically any style! Have fun with colors and textures; just ensure the glasses don't overwhelm your facial features, so be careful with the trending over-sized frames.

Graph Belle, P4990  from Owndays

Graph Belle, P4990 from Owndays

Square Face

To avoid emphasizing the angular jawline and features, choose rounded glasses for contrast. Thin eyeglass frames and neutral colors are also good for softening this face shape.

I've included a photo to show you the effect of rounded glasses… on my round face! The curves just make my cheeks look fuller than usual so this style of glasses is best suited for a square face.

Both from Owndays, P2990 and P3990 respectively

Both from Owndays, P2990 and P3990 respectively

Heart Face

Since the forehead part of this face shape is wider than the chin and jaw, pick glasses that are thin and light-colored to avoid drawing extra attention to the upper portion. Wide, rounded shapes are a better fit versus winged glasses.

You can also choose colors based on your skin tone. Neutrals like browns and beiges look great on golden skin tones while lighter skin tones can go for darker shades. If you have a tan to dark skin tone or a really strong yellow undertone, try to avoid silver or black as these have the tendency to emphasize the under eye area.

Air Classic, P4990 and Butterfly Effect, P5990  from Owndays

Air Classic, P4990 and Butterfly Effect, P5990 from Owndays

Triangle Face

This face shape is the opposite of the heart, with a narrow forehead that widens to a strong jawline. As such, frames with heavy details (or eye-catching colors) help to balance out your features. Cat eye shapes will also bring the eye up!

Quick tip: Eyeglasses are considered as fashion accessories these days so also pay attention to the material used. Plastic ones may be more suited for weekend wear or as your daily go-to ,while you can reserve the metal and delicate ones for more formal occasions.

If you’re still having a hard time deciding on which frames look best on you, take a quick selfie with each one of your options and look through the photos to see which one looks best on you. This is especially helpful if you’re like me and practically can’t see anything without glasses or contact lenses on! Try to stick to a single pose so you can really see the effect of the frames.

Make sure to also check for quality and comfort before you settle on your new pair. A good, sturdy pair of glasses (plus prescription lenses) can be a somewhat pricey investment but they can last longer than cheap ones. You may want to check out the Owndays Optical Shop, which is a franchise from Japan. They design and produce their own frames so they skip the trader and wholesaler in the business flow, which reduces costs. They even have a line of AIR Ultem glasses, which are light, flexible, and durable as they’re made from the same materials as aircraft parts! Any frame you buy from Owndays also includes Ultra Thin Lenses for no additional costs, so they don’t add too much weight on your glasses and cause them to be uncomfortable.

Do you wear glasses? Are you using a pair that flatters your face shape? Which one do you think you should be using?

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