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Is this the cure for stress? What it’s like spending 90 minutes in a sensory deprivation tank

I remember being targeted by a stream of ads for sensory deprivation tanks shortly after watching Stranger Things. Marketed as the newest, hippest way to meditate and relax, it piqued my interest until I learned that each session costed $100 and up. I filed it under my mental folder of bougie treatments I can’t afford, and haven’t thought about it again until our managing editor, Den, asked me to try it some weeks back. The newly opened Saltwater Float Center in Ortigas invited us for a session and I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to access the upside down to de-stress from work.

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Stress, shift dresses, (formerly) ridiculous rompers

Today is one of those days when everything moves at a terrible speed. However I'm happy that I'm on top of things and have been able to accomplish all my tasks! I even got to step out for an Artdeco lunch - I couldn't possibly miss it as Artdeco is one of the few brands I've been using since college. There's a new collection out (called Butterfly Dream) and I quite like it.

I'm on Instagram! When I'm in the mood I go crazy documenting things

Anyway! I want to talk about stress (and a few outfits but that's gonna come in later somehow haha). My method isn't that complicated but it works because I know it's 100% true. Are you ready? I just think that everything will be over soon. They usually are.

Tory Burch bag / Zara heels / Tiangge dress / Casio watch

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