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Get free samples of Bifesta, my HG makeup remover and win prizes!

What are three beauty products that you hate running out of? Mine would be facial wash, SPF body moisturizer, and Bifesta. Seriously. My facial wash and moisturizer might change, but Bifesta is a permanent part of my beauty ritual. I love how it efficiently removes not only my makeup, but stains and dirt on pretty much anything I can wipe with cotton! Yes I use it to clean small brushes and smudged compacts too.

That's why it's my HG makeup remover and multi-purpose cleaner. I've lost count on how many bottles I've used up already, that's how much I love it. ^_^ My favorite variant is the Moist one, but the blue Sebum version is pretty good also. Go for Moist if you have dry to combi skin and Sebum if you have oily skin.

Bifesta can actually be used as a legit facial cleanser if you wear very little to no makeup. It's also super effective as a non-drying, non-alcohol toner - great for girls with skin that easily dries out. Who knew water can be so exciting?

Anyway, if you haven't tried Bifesta yet, take advantage of the brand's activities this summer. They're giving away free samples, which you can then use to join an Instagram contest! Here are the mechanics for your reference:

1. Visit the Bifesta booth during these dates, in the following locations. 

March 28 - Apr 2  SM Makati Department Store

Apr 3 - 9              Watsons Greenbelt

Apr 10 - 16          Watsons SM Mall of Asia

Apr 10 - 16          SM Cebu Department Store

May 1 - 7             Watsons SM Aura

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Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion: an awesome drugstore makeup remover

I raved about the Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Solution late last year, a French makeup remover that feels exactly like water. It's a great product but it's only sold in limited quantities here. Bioderma is also expensive for those who are used to drugstore makeup removers, which begs the question: what's an equally good, or (dare we hope) better alternative that's easy to find locally?

Friends, meet the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (P419), a Japanese water-based makeup remover that's exactly like Bioderma. I believe that this brand was called Mandom before, but the whole line is now repackaged, reformulated, and renamed.

It comes in four handy variants for different skin types: Moist (dry and sensitive skin), Sebum (combination-oily), Brightup (dull and flaky), and Agecare (mature). I've been using the Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion so it's the one I will review for now!

First things first: I love this stuff. This feels like you're just applying water to remove makeup. It's fairly simple to use, just squirt a full pump per cotton pad, wipe off the gunk on your face, repeat until 100% clean, and rinse. You can actually just leave your face like that and proceed to moisturizing if you wish. Bifesta cleans so well, that is can be both your facial wash and toner in one fell swoop!

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