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Skincare Week: Bobbi Brown Lathering Tube Soap

Have you heard of the concept "basic bitch"? A basic bitch is someone who is a cliche and a conformist. She likes what everybody else likes - basic clothes, music, books, basic anything. Think Sex and the City, Marilyn Monroe "quotes", pictures of lattes and shoes, pink clothes, and so on. She is boring, fake, and mediocre.

No one would of course admit to being basic, but I really wouldn't take it seriously. So what if the Internet has classified you as a basic bitch? You like what you like. That doesn't define your entire life and identity! I think I'm a basic bitch in many ways, but I'm also non-basic in other ways. I wouldn't lose sleep about it. ;)


On to Skincare Week! Here's another facial wash that I've been enjoying lately: the Bobbi Brown Lathering Tube Soap (P1,600). This is a cleanser that also promises to remove makeup - by that alone, I'm sold! Lazy ol' me is always on the lookout for products that can quickly take off gunk on my face as soon as I get home. This looked like it'd be perfect, and I'm happy to report that I'm not disappointed.


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Skincare Week: The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel

I've read someone describe herself as a "shower gel whore". It just means that she has no loyalty whatsoever to any particular body wash, which made me think, am I like that too? A quick scan of my bathroom will show maybe five or seven different kinds of washes, but the truth is I really only use one regularly. Two, but only when I feel adventurous. :P I'm definitely up to try anything I receive as a gift, but I will only buy my favorite.

These past couple of months, it's been theThe Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel. I LOVE THAT STUFF SO MUCH. It gets me in such a good mood every time I use it, and my place smells fabulous afterwards. It's definitely high up in my repurchase list!

Still, I was pretty psyched to receive The Body Shop's Olive Shower Gel (price to be updated). This surprisingly smells fantastic as well - it has an energizing, sharp scent that makes me feel charged in the morning. It's not olive-y at all, more like a green acqua with some florals thrown in. 

Other than the invigorating scents, I love The Body Shop's shower gels because they don't dry out my skin.

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Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion in Watermint

How was your long weekend? Mine was very quiet as I just stayed at home painting and working. ^_^ Anyway, this week I thought I'd do Skincare Week, where I will be talking about excellent products you can use to nourish and protect your skin. We all need a few of those! Hopefully this week you can discover awesome additions to your current skincare routine.


To start off, I have a unique find for you: the Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion (P330). I've tried quite a host of body lotions but it's my first time to see a legit gel one! I mean, gel face moisturizers are easy to find, but it's rare to see one for the body in the PH. That's why I was pretty excited to hear about this latest innovation from Avon!


So what's up with this gel moisturizer? It literally feels like you're applying water on your skin - it's light, quickly absorbed within seconds, and leaves no greasy residue. It smells very fresh and clean and has this cooling effect due to the alcohol content.

At first I thought that having SD Alcohol-40B in the ingredients list is counterintuitive as alcohol is known to be drying.

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