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Lucido-L Repairing Oil for Straight Hair

I rarely use conditioner which is why my hair's overall smoothness rests heavily on hair oils. I find that oils are lighter on my fine hair and do not cause me to have bumps on my chin. They moisturize nicely, keeps my head from looking like a hay stack, and do not build up on my scalp! What else can I ask for?

My favorite hair oil slash serum is the Kerastase Ultime, but its amazing-ness comes with a hefty price tag. There are a lot of alternatives out there, however! One of them is the Lucido-L Repairing Oil for straight Hair (P295).

I admit that I wasn't familiar with Lucido-L until I visited one of those drugstore beauty stores in Tokyo - this is one of the most prominent brands displayed! So I got curious. I finally tried this oil which I think I got half a year ago.

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