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Cetaphil embarks on a mission for healthy skin

As a beauty enthusiast, I naturally gravitate towards skincare discussions—whether in websites and online platforms (shout out to The Project Vanity Community on Facebook!), at beauty events, or with friends and family. I do appreciate all of these venues, because I learn a lot about skincare from them. The conversation has changed a lot through the years, with many participants becoming *woke* about how to properly care for their skin. At times, I even feel like I’m preaching to the choir!

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The Phuket Diary: A Cetaphil Experience to remember

There are many exciting innovations in skincare today to the point that you can see an immediate effect overnight. This is why it's easy to pass over heritage brands like Cetaphil but I would like to argue the opposite: Cetaphil is, in fact, more relevant than ever for us skincare junkies. It has stood the test of time for 70 years because it's more than just your average skincare line. Cetaphil's philosophy centers around therapeutic skincare - skincare that is formulated specifically for people with compromised skin.

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