Staff Picks: Our Beauty Resolutions For 2017

The arrival of the new year won't magically make things different or better - it's all up to us to work hard to get what we want! That's what resolutions are for. A new year marks a new chapter, so it's important to clearly visualize our goals and make plans for our next steps.

Here are the PV Team's beauty resolutions for 2017!

Liz: I resolve to take care of my hair better. My scalp has been getting oilier in recent years, so I'd love to find a routine that can deal with that! I've also been remiss in taking care of my under eyes because I rarely wear eye cream. I'm turning 29 soon so my bags don't bounce back from dryness and puffiness like they used to!

Den: For someone knows the importance of good and regular skin care, I've honestly been terrible at sticking to my regimen. I usually sleep late so by the time I head to bed, I'm often too sleepy to do anything beyond cleansing my face. To help me follow through this year, I've placed a basket of my current products + sheet masks right beside my work desk. Seeing all those products has been pretty inspiring for me so I pick them up and use them during quick breaks! Finally, I've resolved to make a trip to a dermatologist sometime this year. I don't actually have any issues but just like an annual medical check-up, I figure it's important to get a professional evaluation of my skin's condition.

Marielle: I need to eat better and sleep more. Those two things definitely improve the quality of my skin. Also, I'll use sheet masks more. I received a lot of them as gifts, and it would be a waste to just have them sitting around.

Karla: My beauty resolution for 2017 is to really take my skincare regime seriously. I've been so laidback about what I put on my face that at one point last year, I actually felt the neglect on my skin. It's never too early to start with anti-aging products (who doesn't wanna look 18 forever, right?) and I feel like it's time I invest in quality skincare products that really deliver results. If I can spend on clothes and whatnot, then I should have no problem spending for my skin. Great skin is the best accessory! 

Kim: My beauty resolution for 2017 is to sleep early! So many of my skin issues were magically resolved around Christmas because I always slept before midnight; I used to regularly sleep at 2am! Here's to lifestyle changes in 2017!

Angela: I absolutely want my skin to be healthier this year and that would require drastic lifestyle changes: sleeping better, eating healthier (less dairy = less breakouts for me!), more exercising, and less stressing. I should stop being lazy about wearing SPF as well. I also plan not to purchase anything on a whim so I can save up for a really good bottle of foundation.

Charlie: For 2017, I want to care for my skin more: drink lots of water, get as much sleep as I can, keep my hands off my face unless necessary, and develop a skincare routine that actually works well for me.

Gett: My main beauty resolution is to sleep better! I feel like a lot of my skin-related issues come from my bad sleeping habits. Sleep better for better skin! And I also want to use eyeshadow more since I don't use it a lot because of my super oily eyelids. I'm currently looking for my HG primer.

Jenn: My beauty resolutions are to focus on skincare for better skin, and to hoard less makeup (LOL)! I've found that understanding my skin has been a huge help in managing my common skin troubles, so I hope I get to understand my skin even more in 2017.

Claire: This year, I'll make an effort to kick my worst habit: picking at my blemishes. I know it keeps wounds from healing faster but I keep on doing it! I also vow to master liquid eyeliner. Practice makes perfect!

Crystal: My beauty resolution is to buy less makeup and put my money on better skincare! After all I'm not getting younger.

Stacie: This year, my beauty resolutions will revolve around my body. I often don't drink enough water, and I sometimes survive on just two glasses a day! It's bad not only for my skin but for my general body functions. My goal is to drink at least eight glasses a day and to skip juices and soda. I also plan to use body lotion everyday, or at least every other day. This was my resolution a year or two ago but I haven't been strict with it for the past few months so I need to get back on track!

Katsy: For 2017, I'm going to shift my focus to skincare and eye makeup. I want to have better skin so I'm paying more attention to what I put on my face as well as getting enough sleep and hydration. I am also resolved to apply eye makeup more frequently. It's about time to use up my eyeshadow palettes (and get some more, LOL).

No amount of makeup can substitute for great skin, so it looks like our team will be more invested in skin care this year! It's only been a week in and if you don't have any beauty resolutions yet, consider making 2017 the Year of Skin for you, too. Have more beauty resolutions? Let us know in the comments below so we know what stories you'd want to see more of this year!