Staff Picks: Our fave facial oils

The nippy weather is really making me feel the Ber months! The shift to a cooler temperature has been making my skin drier than usual, but I already changed my routine recently to suit the weather. Instead of swapping my lightweight moisturizers for something heavier, I'm opting to add face oils like the In Her Element Pure Squalane Oil as my last skincare step instead! I apply it over my moisturizer and other skincare layers, and what it does is act as an occlusive or barrier to trap the moisture in my skin. It's literally the divide between healthy skin and Flake City.

Of course, facial oils can be used year round - it's just a matter of finding the right one for you. And lest you think only dry-skinned folks like me can use face oils, all skin types can benefit from their skin-saving properties. I know that many may feel weird or even scared to apply oils to their face but if you're using good oils and applying them properly, they will not make your skin more oily or cause your pores to clog. Some blends can even fight acne, or act like a potent serum! Here's what the PV team recommends:

1708 IHE insta-29.jpg

Tellie: As a person fed up with this crusty life, facial oils are lifesavers. They add that boost of moisture when layering and layering and layering just isn't enough. Of all the In Her Element products I got to sample, IHE Pure Squalane Oil is one of the first things I bought with my own money. It's extremely lightweight, so it's both easy to spread and comfortable to wear during the day. As a bonus, it's also been a great mixer for dry-setting and thicker foundations that don't wear well on my dry skin.

Angeli: I would consider Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate as my go-to daytime facial oil. It is marketed as a lightweight facial oil that keeps skin looking radiant all day. It has natural oils such as ginger root, sunflower and tamanu to keep your skin looking fresh and energized. It truly does keep my skin hydrated and radiant minus the greasy feeling. I also like the fact that it absorbs into skin very easily unlike other facial oils I've tried. This can also be used underneath makeup. On days where I don't wear makeup, I just wear this followed by my sunscreen of choice. It keeps me looking fresh and dewy all day!


Angela: My fave facial oil is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate because it makes my skin so soft and smooth. It's definitely a miracle worker for most of my skin concerns. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all, especially now that I'm currently living somewhere with cold weather and windy atmosphere. I also love the In Her Element Spot Control Facial Oil for my acne because it instantly reduces the size and inflammation. It dries them up so they can be easily exfoliated away.


Katsy: I use a few facial oils but my favorite is the Neogen White Truffle Oil Stick because of how handy it is. It is also quite effective as I got this in Seoul during fall season and it was really cold and dry. I use this in lieu of eye cream and lip balm, and bring it along as an on-the-go moisturizer.

Do you use facial oils in your routine? How are you updating your skincare regimen to suit the cooler weather?