Unveiled: The new In Her Element Facial Oils

Facial oils, what? Are you sure people would buy that? That's what people asked me, with trepidation, when I said I'd like to come out with facials oils under In Her Element. It's a hot country and people are scared of putting oil on their faces, for fear of breaking out or just getting greasier (these are totally not true, by the way). I was discouraged and put the idea out of my head for a while until one of our staff writers, Kim Capeding, asked me if I have any more of the sample oil I sent to her for testing weeks before.

I did a double-take. I wasn't sure I got her request properly. But then she started raving about it, saying that the oil helped her deal with a harsh breakout and faded her blemishes so quickly! I had the same experience but decided that it might have been a fluke. It wasn't, apparently, and all I needed was just one more person to believe in the product. The other PV girls loved it as well when I sent over the final formula!

And so that's how the In Her Element Spot Control Facial Oil (P475 / 15ml at inherelement.ph) was born. This oil is a blend of sunflower oil, virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil, green tea, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. One to two drops are all you need right before you sleep to help dry out pimples and fade existing blemishes a little faster! Sunflower oil and VCO have fatty acids and antioxidants to deal with skin damage, while tea tree oil and green tea have antibacterial properties. Jojoba helps to balance and nourish skin nicely. 

Our Spot Control Facial Oil is great for oily, troubled skin as it helps to regulate the oiliness while maintaining glow and combatting breakouts. It might sting a little bit due to the tea tree oil, so do patch test beforehand to make sure you're not extra sensitive to it. I love using this all over my face (a couple of drops will do) before I sleep when I have pimples; a few days of this and I get calmer, less red skin.

If you're breaking out, I recommend dropping everything else from your routine at night and let the Spot Control Facial Oil do the work. Think of it as skin detox. The simple yet effective combination of oils contains no fillers or other sensitizing chemicals so that your skin can rest! This anti-inflammatory facial oil can hydrate your skin while dealing with your spots as you sleep. You may actually also use this during the day as long as you don't mind waiting for a few minutes for it to be absorbed by your skin before your sunscreen.

We also have the new In Her Element Pure Squalane Facial Oil (P445 / 15ml at inherelement.ph). If you're OC about ingredients, well, this is the cleanest moisturizer you'll ever come across as it literally has only one ingredient. This squalane oil is derived from olive trees (I'm never going to put shark on my face knowingly, ok) and is absolutely scentless and tasteless. This is ideal for all skin types (more so for dry and sensitive skin) as it moisturizes effectively while being super lightweight. This absorbs lightning fast and feels like nothing! It may be applied during the day and at night.

It may be used several ways:

  • As an overall face moisturizer. Just apply 2-3 drops and massage it all over your face.
  • As an eye hydrator. Apply one drop each on your eye bags to return elasticity to saggy skin.
  • As a lip oil. If you have seriously chapped lips, put squalane oil on them, let it sit there for a few minutes, and then rub gently with a towel!
  • As a moisture booster. If you already have gel moisturizers that you like but find that they don't provide enough moisture, add some squalane oil into the formula!
  • As a foundation enhancer. You can mix it with liquid foundation to achieve a thinner texture that has a glowy finish. This is perfect with matte, cakey, heavy coverage foundations that you can't use regularly.

Personally, I love it on my eye bags as I don't wake up with crusty eyes in the morning (y'all know what I'm talking about). That's why my bags have no lines these days! The Pure Squalane Facial Oil has no actives which makes it a great companion for pretty much any beauty product or routine you like.

And that is that. ^_^ I hope you can try out our new products! As always, let me know what you think!

You may purchase In Her Element at inherelement.ph. Shipping is free when you order two full-sized products!

Product photography by Samantha Gonzales