Staff Picks: How we get our event makeup to stay on all day (and night)

So, how many weddings are you attending in December? It's wedding month in the Philippines, which means it'll be difficult to get bookings with our usual makeup artists. So, why not put our own makeup skills to good use? The catch is that everyday makeup is generally not meant to last through all the activities in a special occasion, and it's inconvenient to lug around a huge kikay kit just for retouching.

The key is to use long-wearing products - and know how to apply them! This time around, the PV team is sharing our best tips and tricks for always looking photo-ready even at the busiest events. Whether you're part of the entourage, a wedding guest, or simply tired of having to retouch your makeup so often, try out our advice for keeping your makeup intact no matter how hard you party!


Marielle: I'm always pressed for time so, while I believe in the power of baking, I haven't put it in practice for nearly a year now. Instead, I just stick to purchasing products known for their longevity as well as using primer on my T-zone and a long-wear Japanese mascara. My current go-tos are Kate Tokyo Makeup Lock Primer and Glamorous Lash Mascara.


Crystal: My skin is really oily AF so when I really want my makeup to last, I add sprays into my makeup routine. I use a primer spray before I apply my regular primer. After I finish my makeup including setting powder, I sandwich a finishing spray with a very sheer finishing powder. I don't do this regularly because it takes too much time, but I find that this method helps keep my makeup looking fresh for much longer.


Claire: Proper priming and setting will definitely elongate wear and lock makeup in place. But I find that layering products also adds layers of protection (think Plants vs. Zombies). When done properly, it can also add an illusion of depth. For example, I like using a lip tint before lip liner plus my choice of lipstick. This way, even when the top layer wears off, my lips wouldn't look so pale in photos. This should work for face color (blush, contour, and highlight) too, by layering powder products over liquids and creams. Same goes for mascara and brows. Best do a trial run before the big day to see how the layering looks!

Angeli: My favorite tip in keeping my makeup budge-proof is mixing two of my all-time favorite foundations, which are the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation and the Revlon Colorstay Makeup. I use two pumps of Estée Lauder and one pump of Revlon. With those two mixed, I don't have the need to blot and retouch throughout the day! I just make sure to prep my skin with a light moisturizer because these two together is SUPER MATTE and have a tendency to cake and settle. Prepping the skin with the right amount of moisture is key, and your makeup will stay intact for sure.


Angela: What works for me is using a damp blending sponge to apply my Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation. It stays on the best! I also like my Elizavecca primer and I think it helps the longevity.

Sam: I arrange (and go to) a lot of events where the crowds can be rowdy (🤘) and camera flashes can be abundant so I tend to avoid eye makeup that will create under eye bags. I'll skip the wing and opt for powder eyeshadow, and because my lashes will dwindle away with waterproof mascara, I opt for tubing formulas such as Blinc's Mascara Amplified.

For the base, a good ol' reliable longwear, perfecting foundation such as Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation paired with a hydrating primer all over, a smoothing primer on the t-zone, and a setting powder on oily areas will do the trick of creating a long-lasting, flawless finish.

For the lips, I'll take into consideration what I'll be consuming, probably a liquid lip if it's just drinks or non-oily food, and something you can easily reapply for heavier things. It's probably easier to do a long-wear lip liner though.

Will you have a lot of events to attend this December? How do you plan to do your makeup, and what products will you be using for a party-proof look?