Rave: The new Shiseido White Lucent Skincare

Real talk: you don't need to spend buckets of money on good skincare. There are lots of affordable ones out there that do a great job of improving and maintaining your skin. You would definitely be fine just using what works for you in the drugstore or from "masstige" brands. However - and here it comes - if you want to break the limit of just how good your skin can get, you need to splurge. There are brands that are on the cutting-edge of skincare research. They are hella expensive, but they work better and faster than any cheaper substitute (which will take years to come out anyway).

One of those brands is Shiseido. I have been a huge fan ever since their Ibuki line came out about three years ago, and to this day I still stock up the facial wash and softener. It hurts my wallet, and sometimes I feel silly when I receive similar things for free, but there is nothing like Ibuki. Nothing. In the same vein, there is nothing like the newly reformulated White Lucent line which came out last February. 

White Lucent has been around for a while, even before Ibuki was released. I tried it a long time ago but it didn't really work out for me. This new version though, I swear, it's so good! Where Ibuki is a maintenance line for me - meaning, it keeps my skin clear, soft, and generally nice - the White Lucent products is on a whole 'nother level. They feature the Double Strike PROApproachx2 brightening technology and SAKURAResist Technology with Sakura from Japanese cherry blossoms to help skin become resistant to dark spot appearance

When used together, the Luminizing Infuser (a softener), MicroTargeting Spot Corrector, and Luminizing Surge (emulsion) is a powerful trio that has improved my skin faster than any line I've tried before. I get breakouts occasionally so I still have blemishes, but when I need them to heal fast, the Spot Corrector in particular does not fail me.

I feel my complexion has brightened considerably in the four months I've used these, even though I stay out in the sun because of tennis. The sun damage isn't as markedly obvious on my face. Of course, I use sunscreen, but that only protects and doesn't really heal the damage. Only something like White Lucent can do that.

The Luminizing Infuser is a clear gel-like liquid that is meant to tone and moisturize the skin at the same time. One pump is enough for the whole face and neck. The Spot Corrector, I need two pumps of. I feel like this is the star of the line since it just works so darn well! Finally, I finish the routine with the Luminizing Surge. This emulsion is thick and uncomfortable at first but feels like nothing once it dries.

I also have the MultiBright Night Cream. I love it too, but since it's been hot lately and it's a thick cream, I only use it when my skin is very dry. This jar will probably see more use in the wetter, slightly cooler months.

So there you go! If you are ready to spend on a skincare routine that does as it promises - brighten skin and clear out blemishes quickly - the Shiseido White Lucent line is the best option out there as far as I'm aware. I'm a fan! I will most likely repurchase the softener and serum. Already dreading it but sometimes, a blemish-prone girl's gotta do what she's gotta do.

Shiseido is available in Rustan's and the following locations:

Greenbelt 5 - 729-9853
Greenhills - 725-7805
Glorietta 4 - 752-7308
Rockwell - 898-1615
Shangrila - 632-9136
Trinoma - 901-3480
Eastwood - 400-4083