Love: Shiseido Speedy Perfect Whip Cleanser

The thing about shopping in a Japanese drugstore beauty chain is the tremendous pressure you will have to face at every corner. You'll see big bins around the store and in-your-face displays of the hottest items and even almost hear them say "BUY ME NOW! OR ELSE YOU'RE MISSING OUT! EVERYBODY LOVES ME!". This is funny because of course nothing is in English. You just know it in your gut plus the price is low enough - on sale even - that you won't feel too bad if it doesn't work out.

Thankfully, I haven't really been disappointed with the Japanese beauty purchases I've made through the years. They work well for the price and do what they're supposed to do, even better at that, so what more can I ask? Anyway, one of the items I picked up during my last trip to Tokyo was the Shiseido Speedy Perfect Whip Cleanser (P550 and available in BeautyMNL). I remember getting this for around 500 yen so that'd be 250 pesos for the bottle. I always see this in stores and on blog reviews so I thought, hey, why not?

I'm glad I got it. It's a thick foam facial cleanser that cleans thoroughly and feels mild enough on my combination skin. I use about three to four pumps on a dry face - no need to lather it up as it's already foamy once dispensed. It's powerful enough to erase light makeup and break down water-resistant sunscreen which makes it perfect for chill, lazy days.

I love that you can just buy refills to pour in the bottle. This goes for all the drugstore Shiseido products in bigger packaging! A refill is priced only slightly lower than a brand new bottle (475 yen) but at least you're recycling a perfectly serviceable one. I had my Tita buy me a few packs when she went to Tokyo too.

The catch? This smells rather cheap. I LOVE that my face feels like it's been washed with an expensive cleanser afterwards, but the experience naturally doesn't feel as luxurious with the Perfect Whip. When compared to my Shiseido Ibuki facial wash this is not going to win in the scent department. It's so...drugstore and basic.

Scent aside, the Shiseido Speedy Perfect Whip Cleanser is a lovely everyday cleanser. I highly recommend it for oily to combi skin! I think it might be too drying for less hydrated skin types. You can find this in BeautyMNL as it happens for P522 a bottle. A bottle can last up to 3-4 months of daily use.

And that is that. Have you tried this cleanser? How did it go for you?