Wait for it: The secret to getting the best coverage out of your concealer

How do you apply concealer? Do you swipe it on and then immediately blend it out? It sounds like what everyone else does but apparently this is a makeup mistake that leads to our skin simply soaking up the product and our blemishes getting exposed! If you've ever wondered why a much-raved about product with supposedly great pigmentation doesn't work for you, your technique may be the culprit. You can easily improve your concealer's (and foundation's) coverage and lasting power - all it involves is sitting still and waiting for it to dry up!

The proper way to apply concealer is to dab a little on the area you want covered, and then leave it alone for a minute or two. But won’t the concealer set and be more difficult to blend out? Well, that's the point: you need to allow it to get hard up to a point where it's still blendable but also partially set in the area touching your skin. That way you get max coverage without the cakey look.

Different concealer formulas have different setting times, so you'll have to get a feel for it first. For example, the Pink Sugar Our Li'l Secret Concealer sets almost immediately while the MAC Studio Finish takes a bit longer (we even recommend blow drying it). You may use your favorite blending brush or fingers to blend the concealer seamlessly. Some trial and error is involved in mastering this technique but we promise it's worth the result, especially if you have oily skin!

When you're satisfied that the concealer has blended seamlessly with the rest of your skin and after it has dried completely, lightly pat a translucent a loose powder over the area. This will fix it in place and help prolong your coverage!

Have you been applying your concealer the right way? What is your HG concealer?