This new Revlon foundation promises skin that looks like a camera filter

I use filters for most of my Instagram photos because my iPhone has a crappy camera that just fails even in what should be sufficient lighting. It takes me extra time to edit my selfies, but it’s worth the effort to enhance the final image. And so here’s where Revlon asked and answered a question: what if your foundation already gives you the effect of app filters?


That’s the idea behind the new Revlon Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation (P925 in department stores). The twist-up tube comes with its own sponge applicator for blending on the go, and it comes in 12 shades ranging from Ivory to Mocha. Here’s a quick rundown!


What I love about this foundation

  • The formula is pretty good. It has a runny texture that goes on easily and evenly with any brush or sponge as it’s quite easy to work with! Coverage is light to medium, but can be layered to full coverage. I find this enough to cover even dark blemishes even with just one layer.

  • The finish is natural and skin-like, but the surface looks absolutely flawless. I like that it doesn’t sit on pores and lines; this is in line with its promise of blurring and reflecting light for the illusion of a more even surface.

  • Staying power is actually great on my oily combination skin. It stays intact and pretty (it even looks better as the hours pass) for about 7-8 hours which is enough for my normal day. It fades past that point but it’s still manageable up to 10 hours with retouching every 2-3 hours.

  • I found a great shade match with 210 Sand Beige. I am a MAC NC 35 for your reference; I have a medium warm skin tone.

  • I like that it sets dry, which makes it easy to powder over. It doesn’t eat powder! I also find it to be comfortable sitting on my face for hours. It doesn’t feel heavy or mask-like to me.

Watch this video  to see the Revlon Insta-Filter foundation in action + how I did this smoky blue denim look

Watch this video to see the Revlon Insta-Filter foundation in action + how I did this smoky blue denim look

What I don’t like about this foundation

  • I am not a fan of the sponge. I find it stiff and hard to work with; it also gets stained by the foundation so I have to clean it regularly. I think the sponge is a waste because the formula is really, really good! What I do is I just dot the foundation all over my face with the sponge, then use my own wet sponge or brush to blend everything nicely.

  • This foundation is more expensive than Revlon’s average foundation price. For example, their Colorstay liquid foundation is P825; this is a hundred bucks more expensive.



  • This foundation darkens one shade deeper once dry. I actually don’t mind because the change in color happens pretty fast, so you can see it as soon as it dries. Just make sure to swatch and blend the product directly on your face in order to get a good color match.


If you can get past the sponge, I believe the Revlon Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation to be a great drugstore foundation that makes my skin look flawless with minimal effort. I do hope that Revlon will consider releasing this formula with a pump or even a spout someday! Sayang eh. I will continue to use this foundation because I just love the skin-like effect plus the shade match for me looks great. I’m happy with the staying power, too.


Now if you’re finding this a bit pricey, you’re in luck because Revlon has this specific foundation bundled with their other items at a discount. Just avail of the new Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Filter Foundation plus any product from their selection* at a discounted price! Promo runs until September 30. 

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