How to contour, highlight, and flush with the new Revlon Insta-Blush

Here's a PSA for all the lazy girls out there: Revlon has a new cream-to-powder color that's so easy to apply, it's called Insta-Blush (P575). These sticks are designed to deliver the perfect amount of color in one swipe for a mistake-proof cheek look. You know how some cream blushes are so bright or pigmented that they are a nightmare to diffuse on skin? Well, there's none of that with Insta-Blush. With most of the shades, you can literally swipe - no need to blend - and go.

These blushes start out as a cream but sets in a powder finish that stays on for about three hours on combination skin, average for blush. On very oily skin, I find that this is great as a base before powder blush/contour/highlight, as it helps boost + preserve the color for a good five hours. If you do prefer to wear it alone, it's ridic easy enough to re-apply and doesn't take up much space in your bag.

There are four shades in the collection: Rose Gold Kiss, a nude pinky beige with fine gold shimmer for highlighting; Nude Kiss, a rosy brown for contouring/blushing; Candy Kiss, a bright pink and Berry Kiss, a muted mauve for blushing. All shades are matte except for the highlighter. Rose Gold Kiss doesn't register well on my medium skin, so I would recommend it only for fairer skin tones. Candy Kiss and Berry Kiss are sheer but that's a good thing since one swipe is enough to get the correct level of pigmentation; I don't need to blend them anymore.  

My favorite is Nude Kiss. I have my fair share of matte brown contour sticks, but it's the only one I have that has this pretty rose undertone. It can contour, but it can also serve as a blush because of the tint! I love it. I can use it alone to get a contoured + blushed look, only needing my fingers to blend it quickly from my cheeks up to my hairline.

So how can you use these sticks together if you want to give your face some natural definition? It's easy. Just apply Nude Kiss in the hollows of your cheeks, Berry Kiss right on the apples, and Rose Gold Kiss on the cheekbones. There's actually no need to blend the blush and highlights sticks anymore as you can see in the picture; only Nude Kiss needs to be sheered a bit. The final look is soft yet very much put together even though it took like, three minutes to do. Perfect for that daily FOTD!

Try the Revlon Insta-Blush if you want a kiss of color on your cheeks with barely any work. The existing shades are ideal for fair to medium skin but I do look forward to seeing deeper shades for deeper skin in the future. Let me know what you think!